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Re: Tomcat with mod_jk becomes irresponsive after working for awhile chris derham Fri Feb 24 02:00:51 2012

>  http://wiki.apache.org/tomcat/**HowTo#How_do_I_obtain_a_**
>>> thread_dump_of_my_running_**webapp_.3F<http://wiki.apache.org/tomcat/HowTo#How_do_I_obtain_a_thread_dump_of_my_running_webapp_.3F>
>>> for more info, to get a thread dump of tomcat.
>> I have seen that page but actually can't use the //MS// option as
>> Tomcat is already running and in this bad state that I want to catch
>> without restarting the service.  Is there some way to gather this
>> information without a restart?
> If you look at that article, the paragraph above where is mentions //MS//
option, mentions using sendSignal to generate a thread dump. We've used
that in the past and it allows generation of a thread dump on an already
running process with no restart