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Re: Splitting a story mid-sprint Luanne Fri Jul 31 13:30:28 2009

Yes, that is a nice benefit to tie them together but you cannot set
the split from and to values.  Those are set by the system when the
item is split.

There is no elegant way to do this so you will have to choose the less
painful way.  Andre's idea of an epic would work too but if you want
to continue to split then one other option would be to leave the tasks
on the story with zero in their "To Do"...I would still apply a
detailed estimate so you know what to set the ToDo to once you split
it.  Then you can leave the story be until the end of the sprint,
update the "ToDo" values of the stories that need to move and split

I'm assuming teams are getting better at getting all the tasks out
during planning so hopefully this becomes the exception not the norm
and you won't have to keep doing this much longer.


On Jul 31, 3:43 pm, John Arrowwood <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> That might be easier, but I want to have the benefit of the 'split
> from story' and 'split to story' fields so that the relationship is
> preserved.  If those can be set manually, then that might work...
> On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 12:31 PM, Luanne<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > The split functionality is driven off the "To Do" values.  Values of
> > zero stay with the current story and values of blank or >0 move to the
> > new story.  There is no way to control this by status as the intent is
> > to help teams move remaining work at the end of the sprint versus mid
> > sprint.
> > A work around, until you can convince folks that adding tasks to
> > stories during the sprint is OK and it truly indicates what it takes
> > to complete the story, would be to copy the story versus splitting
> > it.  When you make a copy and either assign it to the next sprint or
> > add it to the backlog, you can remove the tasks that are currently
> > being worked on and leave the new tasks.  You would then have to go
> > back to the original story and delete the tasks that are now in the
> > new story.
> > Hope this helps!
> > -Luanne
> > On Jul 30, 7:58 pm, jarrowwx <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >> For reasons that are not proper Agile (don't ask)...
> >> some work (tasks/tests) has been added to stories that was not
> >> committed to during planning, and therefore will not be completed
> >> during this sprint.  This messes up the burndown chart, so the manager
> >> has asked that I move that work into the next sprint.
> >> Now, I know that it is not really messing with the burndown chart, it
> >> is showing the truth:  That the stories were not fully planned before
> >> the sprint began, and I have told them that.  Nevertheless...
> >> I need to split the stories.  Fine, no problem.  Piece of cake.
> >> Except...
> >> Sometimes there are tasks that are in-progress.  When I split the
> >> story, the incomplete work goes to the new story.  In order to move it
> >> back, I have to modify the old task to restore the old values for
> >> detail estimate and todo hours.  Done once or twice, that's fine.  But
> >> I have to do it a lot, and it gets really old...
> >> Is there a way, when splitting a story, to have it NOT automatically
> >> move in-progress work?
> >> I realize that it is not very likely, since doing so is not the proper
> >> way to do things, but I have to ask! :)
> >> Thanks!
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