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Re: QA and VersionOne John Arrowwood Sat Jan 09 09:00:21 2010

My first bit of advice is to get the book 'Agile Testing' by Lisa Crispin
and Janet Gregory.  ISBN 0-321-53446-8.  That will give you a good idea of
the difference between standard QA and Agile QA.

Now, you probably figured out that you can add tests to stories.  One thing
you can not do is associate a single test to multiple stories.  But what you
can do is copy a test and move it to another story.

A view you should become familiar with is 'Show Tasks and Tests' option.
You can also specify if you want to view both Tasks and Tests, or just one
or the other.  In this view, you can view the backlog of stories with their
associated tests all together, you don't have to open/close.

There is another view, under Reports, called Test Quicklist.  It's not quite
as useful, but you might like it.

Another bit of advice for you:

As a team, commit to not starting a sprint until every story committed to
for that sprint has acceptance criteria specified by the business (working
collaboratively with you to define it).  That is, you and the Business will
work together before sprint planning to define the tests for the stories
that they want worked on next.

Also, as a team, commit to not accepting a story at the end of the sprint
until all of its tests have passed.  And (within reason) don't move on to
the next story until the first one is done.  And done means all tests have

Finally, your role on the team is as a person with a different perspective.
They still need to do testing themselves, they can't push it all on you and
make you the bottleneck.

All of this and more is in the book I mentioned, but I wanted to extract the
bits that will make the most difference in your life...

-- John

On Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 6:49 PM, Mara <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I have been scouring all week for more information. It appears most
> documents I find are targeting developers.
> Quick background:
> I have just joined a small team as the QA manager / Entire QA team.
> Obviously, they use VersionOne. They have not had any QA before this
> beyond developers testing their own code. I need to get the QA ramped
> up and the products into testing ASAP but VersionOne's QA side of
> things is unclear to me.
> We have various projects in different states of development. One is in
> iteration 30, while another is just starting. I looked at adding tests
> which is all well and good, but there doesn't seem to be a place where
> I can look at all the tests quickly. (Note: I am also new to Agile
> methodology, which I grant may be a fair part of my troubles).
> In my universe that exists in my head, an ideal tool would be
> something where I could first quickly add tests to the stories. Most
> of them have much in common. And then one location where I could see
> all of the tests one after another without having to click through to
> each individual story and quickly select them as complete or failed.
> Perhaps an easy way to add a defect based on a failed test. Perhaps
> this exists and I am not seeing it.
> The lack of any specific QA documentation seems glaring to me; again,
> it may be that I am not using proper terminology to find it. However,
> the threads in the discussions here seem to indicate I am not alone.
> IF anyone has a getting started guide for the QA Manager, or hints/
> tips, I would greatly appreciate it.
> --
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