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Re: Failed to drag&drop-open a file with wide-chars in its filename Tony Mechelynck Mon Jun 22 02:00:32 2009

On Jun 19, 11:22 pm, björn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'm afraid I know way too little about text rendering to fix this, so
> until somebody else fixes it in core Vim the problem will remain.  I
> would highly suggest that you take up the rendering problem on the
> vim_dev mailing list (just send a text file with 한 as the content and
> ask why it renders as three glyphs).
> Sorry,
> Björn

The OP's problem was about a file with 한 as (part of) the filename,
not as the content.

I'm on Linux, so what I see may be different from what you see on
MacVim; but in gvim I see 한 (when in the content of a file) as one
glyph (U+D55C, corresponding to three bytes, hex ED 95 9C). Are you
sure you have 'encoding' correctly set? (I use utf-8).

Best regards,
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