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Re: Vim for iPad David Sanson Thu Feb 02 22:12:41 2012

About installing plugins: vimballs seem to work well enough, and don't 
require futzing around in netrw. Anyone have any tips for creating vimballs 
from plugins when using Pathogen? I'd like to be able to create vimballs of 
my favorite (non-python or ruby dependent) plugins on my laptop, and then 
transfer them over to my iPad. But MkVimball seems to choke on me because 
the files are in ~/.vim/bundle/pluginname instead of ~/.vim.

Also, anyone using this on a jailbroken iPad? Now that there is an 
untethered jailbreak for the iPad 2, I am wondering whether that is worth 
doing. Presumably I could then use a SSH app, like Prompt, to access Vim's 
folder on the iPad? That would mean I could use scp and git in the usual 
ways to get stuff into Vim. But then I wonder whether I would just be 
better off using the console version of Vim available via Cydia, since 
Prompt has good support for the ESC key on bluetooth keyboards. Or maybe 
this app also includes a console version of Vim, once I've jailbreaked? 
Somehow I expect that is not so.

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