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[vmaxtech] Re: New Battery Katerina Glovis Sheepee Thu Nov 30 12:02:55 2006

Thanx for the info, Ronnie. Damnit, now I have to choose between the 
Panasonic and the Odyssey. Decisions, decisions. LOL

--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], Ronnie Gonzales 
> I bought an Oddessey 680 through Summit racing I think it was 
around 99.00 shipped.
>   I was amazed at how much faster the starter turns turns the 
engine and the lights are 
>   brighter and do not dim at idle.The battery fit better than 
stock because the
>   way the terminals are on top.There are two part numbers you want 
the basic 680 that is black around the bottom not the one with the 
letters (MJ)that stands for metal jacket and will not fit.This 
battery has a 2 year warranty.West Coast battery web site is how I 
found where to order this battery.If you need the specific part 
number and phone number to order this battery email me directly and 
I will get it for anyone.
>   Ronnie
> ina Glovis Sheepee <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>           I am buying a new battery for my 85 Max and am 
considering the 
> PowerSonic. Does anyone out there have any experience with this 
> battery, good or bad, to report? Also, I have heard some things 
> gel batteries, specifically the Panasonic and the Odyssey, does 
> have any feedback on these replacements? Thanks in advance for any 
> input.
> LeonardtheFast
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