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Re: [vmaxtech] Re: winterizing my 1994 JMB Thu Dec 04 00:00:48 2008

Getting the engine up to temperature on the gauge will only enable the moisture 
to burn off in the combustion area. The real problem is in the bottom end. The 
oil temperature will not be anywhere near operating temperature and 
consequentially condensation forming in the crankcase will not be removed. 
Worse,because of the fact that oil is not at op. temp, fuel which may bypass 
piston rings during cold start particularly when using the fuel enrichment 
(choke) will not evaporate as it normally would and will cause crankcase oil 
dilution. This mix of fuel with the engine oil, is known to contain 
contaminants which will, if not attended to, effect the engine's bearing 
It is often said that the first minute of cold starting causes more engine wear 
than a 1000 miles of hot driving.Crankcase dilution and dry cylinder walls are 
the nemesis of most carbureted engines.
If the electrical system is functioning OK, the engine will provide marginally 
higher charging voltage at idle ( 1050 rpm ) than at higher revs. This cannot 
be said of old "dynamo" generator systems. 

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  I think this does cause more harm than good--when the bike is cold, 
  it is running rich and washing all the oil off the cylinders. Just 
  maintain the battery and stabilize the fuel.
  > Howdy All,
  > So I just received some advice from another Vmax forum about how I 
  > winterize my 1994 Max. I added Seafoam, and placed her on the 
  > centerstand. I take the motorcycle cover off her once a week and I 
  > fire her up, I let her run 15-20 minutes or until the condensation 
  > gone from the exhaust. A few minutes later the fan turns on and I 
  > she is up to temp, but some other guys say that I am actually 
  > more damage than good. They stated that what I am doing is actualy 
  > introducung moisture into the crankcase along with the cylender 
  > not to mention the moisture that might build up in the exhaust. 
  > Another person stated that the Vmax will not charge the battery at 
  > 1000 rpms, is that true?
  > Please let me know your thoughts and opinions on this matter,
  > Steve in Michigan.


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