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Re: [vmaxtech] Gears Jumping Doc F Tue Feb 21 14:01:32 2012

I have been a tech for over 30 years-and let me say that no

 I mean no tranny jumps from one gear to the next. no way--
UNLESS-there is a problem. first of all-if it does jump out of a gear then here 
is what you have to change-shift drum-shift forks-any gears that were affected 
also shift star. and really look close at the gear shift mechansims. and let me 
say that IT WILL BE EXPENSIVE!miss shifts.when you ride a bike you have to 
really pay close attention to how you combine the clutch and gear shift to make 
it go to the next gear properly. I can fix the problem, but you are to for 
away. (doc) john f.  PS hope this helps you!!!
Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2012 4:10 AM
Subject: [vmaxtech] Gears Jumping

Ok need some expert technical advice. I have mentioned my '91 is jumpin
out of 3rd into 2nd. Ocassionally into a false neutral. Was advised this
was unusual as they normally jump from 2nd to neutral. On Sunday it
jumped 3rd to 2nd to proper neutral. Clearly whats going on is getting

Question is, does anyone know which gear (dog) is worn (assuming it's not
the forks). Ordering parts takes so much time to arrive here in Zimbabwe
I might pre order if it's a dead cert as to which gear it is.

Any idea's?



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