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RE: [vmaxtech] Gears Jumping Your Friend, Rick Cendejas Tue Feb 21 14:02:12 2012

Before you break your engine case to get to the tranny gears, check the pawl
and segment assembly, and also check to see of shift mechanism rod is bent.
Here is more info on the subject.


*********************Transmission Repair


john  not sure of good tranny guy down south........fast by gast are suppose
to be very good with trans,,,,might even try pcw


When reassembling transmission usually the engine is upside down on the
bench with the transmission shafts in the engine. Now the bottom case must
be lowered down on the engine. The shift mechanism and forks are in the
lower half case. You need to set the gears in neutral and have the shift
mechanism in neutral when lowering the case down. It is important to have
the bearing guide pins aligned where they will fit in the slots in the lower
case or the case will not sit down. I did a couple of dry runs using a
flashlight to align the shift forks and then installed the yamabond and set
it down. After tightening all the nuts finger tight, I shifted it through
the gears, torqued all the nuts in sequence and shifted through the gears
again. Possibly yours was set down with a fork out of place---james

right! I set the gears into the lower half to make sure it works by spinning
the middle gear while going through the shifts. then as james said, put the
gears back into the top half of the engine before assembly and lower the
bottom half that houses the shift drum and forks while someone lines the
forks up. if it didnt work on the bench it isnt going to work when
assembled.. who know what they did.. maybe its something stupid like the
segment assembly.. i would look there 



I have a friend with a 85 max, while pulling away I believe in 2nd gear at
3/4 throttle he experiences a problem , it actually feels like the ign is
cutting out for a split second or a missing tooth in the rear it is like a
bad shutter. He opened up the rear and everything looks good there. The 85s
had a problem with 2nd is this the same? If so what is involved to fix it?

Not sure if that's the common 2nd gear problem or not. I had 2nd gear
problems with my '85 engine, now I have a '97 engine. If it is the 2nd gear
problem, it will start to get worse, and actually jump out of gear. Fixing
it means removing the engine, splitting the cases and replacing the 2nd/5th
gear set, I believe. While you're in there, it's a good idea to have all of
the gears' engagement dogs undercut. I'm sure that others on the list can
give you more detailed info.

Time for trans repair. The engagement dogs are worn and it's not staying in
gear. Kepp it up for long and he'll do a lot of damage. We offer trans
undercutting services and even an overdrive option. However, he can limp it
through the summer by not loading up that gear or even skipping it all
together.  The only way to get to it is by removing the engine and splitting
the cases.--Sean Morley


It seems there are 2 problems with 2nd gear. One is worn dogs where the bike
will not stay in 2nd and skips in and out at high RPM. The other problem is
jumping out of 2nd into neutral at high RPM. This is caused by accumulated
wear. The Ventures also had the problems although a

heavier bike with less horsepower, they still had transmission problems,
usually later in miles than the Max because of the way they were ridden. My
transmission had accumulated wear, at the end of the driven shaft there is a
groove and split thrust washers. Mine had .012 at this point, way too much.
Also the shims between the gears Yamaha calls plate washers wear as well as
the dogs that hold the gears in place .The gears themselves have bushings
that wear. My 1st wheel gear wobbled a lot on the shaft. There was a
redesign of the gears in later models, where my 2/3 pinion gear went into a
recess in 5th gear and had dogs on one end, the new one has dogs on both
ends. Also on the end of  the driven shaft at the cush drive there is a big
spring that needs to be replaced as well as the 3 springs at the shift cam
that hold the bike in gear. I have a Suzuki also and those guys have a lot
of 2nd. Gear problems, mostly 600's with 6 speeds, a lot of tiny parts
crammed into a small space. It is very important to have the lever adjusted
where you can get a good 1/2 shift.-james


well sorry i thought it was a missing pin... i had all 6. however while
staring at the pins i noticed the little wheel that looks kinda like a
cowboy spur that is supposed to sit on the thing that looks like a flower on
the shift cam was sitting up against the pins just behind the first metal
plate that holds the pins. i took the shift shaft out and took the bolt out
of the little spur thing and realized the center ring that goes inside it
was not inside and it was pinned up against the block. so after careful
reinstallation the little wheel is now sitting inside the flower looking
part on the shift cam and my gears work perfect!!! i put the clutch and
cover back on and closed it up and the thing shifts perfect.


Just purchased 85 vmax good bike with one mechanical issue.  If you shift
into 2nd gear it will pop out as soon as you put any torque on it
acceleration or de-acceleration. I've been getting info and what little bit
i've gathered so far is that 2nd gear seems to be a weak point.  Is this
correct?  I've also seen where people have talked about updating the tranny
for this reason.

Your bike's transmission probably has worn dogs for second gear or possibly
worn shift forks.  If the dogs are rounded off, the trans will slip out of
gear.  If the shift forks are worn, the trans might not be fully engaging
the gear and that's why it is popping out. I just finished getting the
transmission on my GSX-R600 track bike sorted out with a similar problem--I
ended up replacing all of the gears with used parts, all three shift forks
with new parts, as well as a few supporting pieces of hardware.  It involved
dropping the motor out of the bike, and it took me THREE times before I
finally got the problem resolved.  Initially I bought a used tranny on Ebay
and replaced the gears and shift forks with used parts.  That didn't solve
the problem so I installed an upgraded shift star.  That didn't fix it
either, so I dropped the motor again and 

installed new shift forks and a used shift drum.  I also added a stronger
shift return spring.  That took care of it. I haven't done that kind of work
on a Vmax, but I suspect you'll have to take the engine out of the frame.
You'll probably want to have a shop inspect the gears and shift forks so
they can tell you exactly what's wrong.  For example, one of my forks was
bent but I couldn't tell because I didn't know what I was looking for.  A
shop fortunately pointed that out to me. Shift forks aren't too terribly
expensive, at around $40 each.  The gears get pricey if you buy all of them
new, so depending on your budget, you might just want to replace the ones
for second gear.  But since dropping the motor is a pain in the ass, you
might be better off replacing all of 

the gears to hopefully avoid having this problem ever again.-DaveMack


I have been having shifting problems with my Max, so today I pulled the
clutch cover and the clutch basket. Well, one of the fingers on the shift
segment is bent, and the pin behind it is starting to get beat up. Now for
my question...I pulled it apart with the bike on the sidestand...I didn't
drain the oil. According to the Clymer manual, you are supposed to pull the
shift shaft to remove the pawl and segment. Can the segment be removed
without doing that? I really would like to avoid draining the oil, if

First off to remove the shift drum you have to remove the engine and split
the cases!! Now the good news, the shift segment piece just unscrews from
the end of the shift drum.  The new design is milled, not stamped and you
will not have any further problems with it. --Thomas

http://QualityPartsOnline.com, http://imageevent.com/tppjr




Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2012 2:10 AM
Subject: [vmaxtech] Gears Jumping



Ok need some expert technical advice. I have mentioned my '91 is jumpin
out of 3rd into 2nd. Ocassionally into a false neutral. Was advised this
was unusual as they normally jump from 2nd to neutral. On Sunday it
jumped 3rd to 2nd to proper neutral. Clearly whats going on is getting

Question is, does anyone know which gear (dog) is worn (assuming it's not
the forks). Ordering parts takes so much time to arrive here in Zimbabwe
I might pre order if it's a dead cert as to which gear it is.

Any idea's?



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