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[vmaxtech] Red Fred Bonnette Keith Lyndsell Thu Feb 23 03:00:42 2012

Sorry to be late posting this, but if any of RedFred's contacts are not already 
aware, I'm afraid he passed away on Jan 21st. He was well known here in NZ for 
his V-Max/Sabiston sidecar outfit. His funeral was on Jan 28th following which 
his "last ride" was when his ashes were taken by his eldest daughter in the 
sidecar of my V-Max/Sabiston (similar to Fred's but different colour and later 
model) to one of his favourite rally pubs (at Ohingaiti) accompanied by about 
25 bikes, mainly Ulysses club members. Fred was well-known for his generosity 
and eccentric personality, especially when playing Santa on charity runs (he 
didn't need to dress up - just put on a red suit, he looked the part perfectly).
Ride on, Fred!

Keith (NZ)

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