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Re: [vmaxtech] radial tires poll arzate Sat Apr 07 22:00:25 2012

Some of the tires on your list are not radial, but Bias ply tires. Most people 
run those, because the original rims are made for bias ply tires. Let us know  
(anybody) if you have successfully used Radial tires on those original stock  
rims. To my knowledge (which is limited) it can not be done safely..
    Comments from the experts, please!!!  Why else would people spend big $$$$ 
to build or buy radial rims??





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Does anybody have anything to say (good, bad or indifferent) about the 
following radial tires to fit an 18" wheel?
Metzler ME880 Marathon Touring
Avon Venom R
Dunlop D207ZR
Shinko 003 Stealth
Avon AV72 Cobra
Pirelli Night Dragon
Bridgestone Exedra G850
Avon AM23
Bridgestone Battlax BT45 Sport