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Re: I'm about to give up... Neil Houghton Thu Feb 16 03:01:07 2012

Hi Peter,

I just went through the same exercise for Georgie's mum, Wendy (now 91). She
had a VERY slow Vista machine and since we visit often I decided to take up
my 24" iMac (now I'm on a nice 27"). The iMac already has accounts for
Georgie & I so I set up a new account for Wendy. I didn't have the requisite
cables to make a network connection to the PC, but the data involved would
happily fit on a USB thumbdrive I had - so that was the way I went.

The iMac has Office 2004 on it and I tend to use Entourage for my email but
decided to set up Apple Mail for Wendy. I set-up her account and then I had
expected to be able to import the emails into Mail but, like you, found that
that did not work.

My solution, like you, was to use an intermediate email program - however I
used Entourage - since it was already on the machine & I am used to it.

To my surprise, it actually worked very well.

>From memory I created an entourage account and created the folders I wanted
and then just dragged the eml files into the appropriate folders. Then I
opened Mail and used the File> Import Mailboxes command - which worked fine.
Of course, with Mai:
> Your imported mail is stored in a new mailbox called ³Import.² To reorganize
> imported messages, create new mailboxes and drag folders and messages from the
> Import mailbox to other mailboxes. When you¹re done, you can delete the Import
> mailbox.

Then, because I didn't want Wendy to get confused with emails in two
different programs, I deleted her Main Identity file from the Microsoft user
data (at this point she had not used the computer so there was no personal
Office info in there).

It actually sounds more fiddly than it was.

Of course you need to have Entourage on the Mac (though I expect Outlook
would work the same) - but if it was not part of the clients suite you could
do a temporary install and then uninstall - of course that is extra work ;o(



Neil R. Houghton
Albany, Western Australia
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on 16/2/12 5:53 PM, Peter Hinchliffe at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> I have a client who has just bought his first iMac after finally throwing his
> hands up in disgust as Nortons on his clunky Windows Vista computer once again
> prevented him from doing some perfectly straightforward thing. I helped him
> transfer everything last week. The only problem was that Lion's Migration
> Assistant was of no use to us on this occasion since we were unable to get the
> Mac to talk to the Windows computer (again, I suspect Norton's hand in this).
> Rather than try to work that out, I decided to just transfer everything
> manually. It all went smoothly, with everything valuable coming across,
> including all his contacts, but we choked when it came to his mail.
> Windows Mail saves its messages as .eml files, and Mac Mail won't import them.
> There are commercial .eml to mbox converters available, but they tend to be
> quite expensive for that they do (which is just s one-off job) and they tend
> to be available from web sites which look cheap and dodgy, and I can't quite
> bring myself to commit money on software which is such an unknown quantity.
> I have followed a strategy which involves importing the .eml files into
> Thunderbird using a free plugin, then exporting the mail back out as mbox
> files, or importing directly into Mail from Thunderbird. The import into TBird
> worked perfectly. Getting from there into Mail not so much. Importing either
> as mbox or as a direct TBird import, the files appear to work, but there is
> only one visible message following the import, and its size just happens to be
> about the same size as the entire expected folder of messages.
> My question is: is there anyone out there who has had any success with getting
> Windows Mail messages into Apple Mail without going throughout the Migration
> Assistant? 
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