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Replacement Software for CorelDraw & Corel Paint in Lion OS X 10.7 Ronda Brown Sun Feb 19 06:01:05 2012

Hello People,

A person has contacted me asking for recommendations for software that will 
recognise cdr and cpt files, and can replace the Corel Suite.

They have a small vineyard and were using CorelDraw and Corel Paint to design 
all their documentation, Labels, brochures, price lists, table talkers etc.

Corel became very unstable with Mac OS X 10.6. I'm surprised it even worked in 
Snow Leopard. OS X 10.7 Lion doesn’t recognise Corel at all of course, which 
puts him in trouble. 
He has emailed Corel, but Corel is not replying to any emails from him.

Any suggestions I am sure he would greatly appreciate.


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