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Re: mail/iCal playing with exchange Ronda Brown Wed Feb 22 06:00:36 2012

Hi Eugene,

By default, Apple's Mail app and iCal app cannot read Outlook's default 
calendar invitation format. If you know that the recipient is an Apple user, 
you can set Outlook to send out the meeting requests and event invitations in 
the iCal format.

1 Open Outlook.

2 Select "Tools," then "Options," then "Calendar Options."

3 Select "Advanced Options." Enable "When sending meeting requests over the 
Internet, use iCalendar format" by checking the respective box. 

Click "OK/Apply" to save the changes. 
>From now on, when you send meeting requests and invitations from Outlook, 
>they'll be sent out in the iCal .ics format.


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On 22/02/2012, at 7:27 PM, Eugene de Gouw <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have my work account which is connected as an exchange server talking quite 
> happily with mail. When someone uses outlook from a PC to send an invitation 
> to me, Mail is quite willing to forward it through to iCal. All is good in 
> the world, they are quite friendly and play nicely.
> However, when someone sends me a calendar from outlook it sends an .xml file. 
> On clicking this Final Cut Pro offers to open it for me - which is quite 
> useless. 'Open with' only shows other applications which don't help either.
> How can I get mail to accept a Outlook calendar and forward it to iCal? 
> I'm running Lion, on 17" MBP, I think the exchange server is 2003.
> Thanks.
>                      Regards,
>                      Eugene
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