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Apple Discount card Severin Crisp Tue Apr 03 01:00:48 2012

I have received an email. looking remarkably kosher, for an Apple Discount 
Card,  You need to "activate" it for $100  credit at an Apple Store or online.  
 Looks very close to genuine but originating address [EMAIL PROTECTED] is a 
give away.  Also it came to Albany Summer School as a long term customer, which 
we are not, and it came twice for good measure!  
One for the unwary to watch out for I think
Severin Crisp
                   Assoc Professor R Severin Crisp, FIP, CPhys, FAIP
       15 Thomas St, Mount Clarence, Albany, 6330, Western Australia.
                    Phone  (08) 9842 1950   (Int'l +61 8 9842 1950)
                            email  mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]  

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