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CSS loading change with 10.5 SDK? Mailing Lists Tue Nov 06 18:01:52 2007


I have an app that is displaying data in a webview and I'm having a problem since switching from the 10.4u SDK to the 10.5 SDK. The style sheet (which is in the app bundle) that I link in the html that gets loaded isn't being applied. This is only happening when I have the 10.5 SDK selected. If I revert back to the 10.4u SDK everything works correctly again. I haven't been able to figure out what's causing it to not work and was hoping someone might have an idea.

The app is using a custom protocol if that makes a difference in the webview loading. The flow of the app is:

- Call loadReequest on [webView mainFrame] with a url of myProtocol:// myObjectIdentifier - In myProtocol it builds the html string that displays data from my object. This includes <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="file:///path/to/app/resources/stylesheet.css " />, alternatively the stylesheet can live in Application Support which doesn't load either.
-  The protocol returns the html string with:
[[self client] URLProtocol:self didReceiveResponse:response cacheStoragePolicy:NSURLCacheStorageAllowed];
        [[self client] URLProtocol:self didLoadData:htmlData];
        [[self client] URLProtocolDidFinishLoading:self];
- The webView then displays all of the data unformatted.

The html string that is loaded appears to be correct. If I log it and save it to a text file, safari will open it up and correctly apply the style sheet to it. It also works correctly by reverting the SDK.

My guess is that something is causing the webView to not load file:// based URLs, but I haven't found what. Does anyone have any ideas what's causing this and how to fix it?



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