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Problem - Safari - NPAPI Plugin - Right|button|downMouseDragged event Gino Tue Aug 17 15:01:02 2010

Good morning to everyone. I think I exposed the main aspects of my question on 
the subject, so nobody will lose time if it's not really interested.
I'm experiencing a problem developing a plugin (using NPAPI for future 
portability), that requires the mouse dragged event with right mouse button. 
With Chrome I have no problem (there was one, but it seems it was a bug and 
they solved the problem). With Safari everything is ok, when I press the left 
mouse button; but when I press the right button, the browser can't sense at all 
any other event, except the NPCocoaEventMouseDown event.
Is it a bug? Should I open a ticket?
Any clue?
Thanks in advance.
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