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RE: Cross-project Reference and Targets Randy Widell Thu May 31 12:00:36 2007

> > I ran into another problem, though.  I am creating an app with a
> > private
> > framework.  I have the app target setup to link against the private
> > framework and copy it to the Frameworks folder in the app's
> > bundle.  That
> > works fine.  However, my framework needs to link against the
> > framework to
> > which my project refers (ObjectiveLib).  I have my framework setup
> > to link
> > against and copy the ObjectiveLib framework into the Frameworks
> > folder in
> > its bundle.
> It should just be a matter of setting the Installation Directory
> build setting for your frameworks to be relative to @executable_path.
> (You shouldn't need @loader_path if everything's in the app bundle.)
> <http://developer.apple.com/documentation/MacOSX/Conceptual/
> BPFrameworks/Tasks/CreatingFrameworks.html>

I read the link you provided and set all of the targets up to place their
build outputs in a common directory, and then setup the app target to copy
both frameworks into its Frameworks folder and everything seems to work fine

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