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Re: [Debugging] Developer Tools Access needs to take control blah blah Roland King Fri Oct 21 22:00:33 2011

are you in the _developer group? Type "id -a" in a terminal and see if it's 
listed. If not .. that might be the issue, I thought that Developer Tools was 
the same group as that. I also thought the installer added you to that group 
when you installed XCode, are you running as the same user which installed it? 

If you're not in the group, you might need to add that user to that group for 
which .. hmm I would suggest googling because I don't remember how. 

On Oct 19, 2011, at 11:18 PM, Stéphane Sudre wrote:

> Developer Tools Access needs to take control of another process for debugging 
> to continue. Type your password to allow this

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