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Re: "Assistant" multi-editor-pane organization Fritz Anderson Thu Feb 23 18:00:10 2012

On 23 Feb 2012, at 7:51 AM, Keith Wiley wrote:

> I couldn't figure out how to create an assistant below the primary editor.  
> Like I said, the first one appears to the right of the primary editor and all 
> subsequent ones appear below the second one, so I can' create a 2x2 
> arrangement, but you said I can create an assistant (whatever that means, 
> it's just another code editor as far as I'm concerned) below the first 
> (primary?) editor.
> How do I do that?  I couldn't find a command to add an assistant below the 
> primary?

Assistant editors can track the primary editor in various relationships, and 
you can summon one for a particular file or symbol by holding down the option 
key while making whatever gesture would have summoned the file in the primary 
editor. So no, no matter how far your concerns, the assistant isn't just 
another code editor.

An easy way to duplicate the primary editor's content is to hold down the 
option key while selecting the current file in the jump bar.

The View > Assistant Editor menu sets the policy for how assistants are added 
to the window.

If you hold option-shift down while selecting a file in the Project navigator, 
you'll get a heads-up window with available destinations for the file. (Turn up 
your monitor brightness; the stylish layout is very dark and hard to make out.) 
If you jut want to add to the assistants, click the (+) button at the 
upper-right corner of an existing assistant.

The various gestures relating to assistants can be changed in the General panel 
of the Preferences window.

Split panes, like you have in BBEdit, and once had in Xcode, aren't there any 
more. Assistant editors are not intended as a replacement, so there's no point 
in faulting them for not being one. The Xcode team may be stymied by the "no 
views in scroll bar alleys" edict. File an enhancement request.

        — F

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