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[Xen-devel] Announcement: xenalyze trace analysis tool released George Dunlap Thu Aug 13 09:01:33 2009

I am pleased to announce the public availability of xenalyze, a tool
I've developed over the last 2+ years to analyze the output of

Mercurial repository is available at

Xenalyze is a tool I've developed while doing performance analysis for
XenSource and Citrix.  Features include:
* Orders trace records across physical cpus by tsc.  Attempts to
automatically detect and adjust for tsc skew.
* Tracks domains and vcpus across pcpus, to collect information about
VMs, not processors
* Statistical information about particular events or states generally includes:
 + Total time across the run
 + Percentage of time spent
 + Average number of cycles for an event
 + 5th, 50th, and 95th percentiles of a sample of events
* Statistical data collection includes:
 + Scheduler runstates: running, runnable, blocked, offline
 + Time spent in VMEXITs (i.e., from VMEXIT to VMENTER)
  - Includes time spent doing emulation for specific
  - Optionally includes time spent for particular MMIO / IO addresses
 + Time spent running on physical processors before being migrated
 + Optional tracking of guest cr3 values (generally corresponding to
guest processes)
* "Dump" mode, which will dump a human-readable format of the trace in
the order the events were generated
* Optional "symbol file" which will symbolically interpret guest EIPs
* "Interval" mode, which allows you to graph data over time
" Varous "scatterplot" modes, which allow you to visualize data such
as guest EIP values
* Deals gracefully with lost records.
* Graphical progress bar and completion pop-up for long traces

There is some minimal documentation in a file called xenalyze.html,
and back-patches to work with earlier versions of Xen in the directory
called back-patches/.

Questions, comments and patches welcome.  The tool is doubtless rather
quirky, as I'm both the main developer and user.

 -George Dunlap

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