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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0 of 2] Add the OVMF UEFI support to hvmloader Attilio Rao Wed Feb 22 12:00:32 2012

The attached patches rewamp an early SoC 2011 work by Bei Guan and
add the support for OVMF UEFI in hvmloader.

In order to use the OVMF the guest configuration file must specify it
via the introduced bios_override option and the Tianocore roms must be
built and copied manually into the specific location (as explained in
the comments about ovmf_infrastructure.patch).

An open point is how to deal with download and building of the rom
We should likely mirror the edk2 svn tree (or a part of it) via an
utility as git-svn and download with git as we already do with projects
as seabios.

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