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RE: Using the -xen kernel rather than -xen0/U was [Xen-users] Poorhard disk performance on xen-3/dom0 Ian Pratt Fri Dec 30 14:18:27 2005


> > You will get a single kernel and modules which can be used for both 
> > Domain0 and all DomainUs.
> But in typical deployments the domU's typically have the 
> priviliged kernel option and backend driver options disabled. 
>  Sounds like this is good only for dom0, but you could get 
> the same benefits by cd'ing to dom0's source tree and running 
> "ARCH=xen make menuconfig" (enabling stuff as native instead 
> of modules as you please). 

Sure, you'll domU kernel may need an initrd (depends on the filesystem)
and will need modules installed in the guest filesystem.  It won't be
any larger than a -xenU kernel. The fact that it has privileged and
back-end modules built for it doesn't matter -- it can't actually use
any of them as Xen won't allow it.


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