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[Xen-users] Is there a maximum limit for the domU memory ? Emmanuel COURCELLE Wed Feb 15 00:00:36 2012

Hello everybody

The current limit (we're working with Xen 4.0.1 on a debian squeeze server) for the domU memory is 256 Gb

Is it possible to do something to get domUs with more than that ?

Do we have to upgrade Xen hypervisor for that purpose or is a kernel recompilation sufficient ?

We would like to have a vm with 768 Gb memory...

Thanks for your kind answers !

Emmanuel COURCELLE                [EMAIL PROTECTED]
L.I.P.M. (UMR CNRS-INRA 2594/441) tel (33) 5-61-28-54-50
B.P.52627 - 31326 CASTANET TOLOSAN Cedex - FRANCE

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