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[Xgrid] New User to Xgrid Joseph Barney Fri Aug 24 12:07:32 2007

Hi, I'm a newbie to Xgrid. I recently pooched my OS X somehow and had to
format and reinstall. Weird thing, is this time it didn't install xgrid. My
OS discs are kind of scratched up so that may be why. I've been looking on
this list as well as posting a question to the Apple forums. I'm wondering
how to install that puppy? I may go try getting it off the DVD one more
time, and hopefully I can help with with xgrid, and not just Boinc.

Another thing that got me interested in Xgrid is the fact that my University
has a 128 node super computer running OS X and they submit some of the jobs
with Xgrid as well as CLI and other ways, including with a SUN workstation
using some program. :) The money for it was donated by NASA and it's kind of
cool to go to a school that NASA pays attention to. I suppose because they
also make satellites. It's a small school, and it's called Weber State
University. Their URL is weber.edu. Anyhow, just thought I'd share that.
Hope to be able to contribute.

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