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Re: [Xgrid] mixed 10.6 and 10.5 grid observations Michael Martin Thu Sep 24 14:01:19 2009

I can confirm some of this. Unlike the Tiger to Leopard transition, where Tiger clients and agents could live on the Leopard grid, it seems that Snow Leopard and Leopard are not on speaking terms.

On my SL laptop, I can bring up XGrid sharing and activate it, but it seems that the machine is not truly on the Grid. At least it does not show up on the Xgrid controller list in 10.5.

Also, while I have not tried the laptop as a grid client, the xgrid command seems to be working. I can query the grid and ask for the list of current jobs. I am guessing I can be a client in 10.6, but not an agent. Not useful.

This is a real issue for us. Our Xserve is on 10.5, as are most of the agents. We plan to rev to SL over the course of time, however, at the moment there are some software compatibility issues that prevent us from going to SL across the board. So we have to stay at 10.5 for now. That would be OK, but any new machines we get will be SL, of course, and they will not be able to run on the grid. The plan was to retire some older PPC machines and replace them with 8-CPU Intels. Furthermore, it looks like we we do upgrade, it is an all or nothing upgrade. Everyone has to jump to SL at the same time. That will be one major upgrade! Since we live or die by the grid, this poses some real issues.

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