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Re: [Xgrid] mixed 10.6 and 10.5 grid observations Richard Reeve Thu Sep 24 15:01:34 2009

I can also confirm exactly the same. xgrid (the submission application) running on a 10.6 desktop appears to work fine communicating with the 10.5.8 controller, but neither the 10.6 agent nor the 10.6 xgrid admin can properly connect to the 10.5.8 server controller. They don't completely fail (they recognise that the controller is password protected), but they don't show up on a 10.5 xgrid admin nor do they show details of agents connected to the controller respectively. We submitted this as a bug to apple a couple of weeks ago, but have heard nothing. We can't upgrade our controller yet, so this is critical for us as more of our desktops transition - I hope they respond to someone with a workaround soon,



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