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"FusionMPT" error in System Log, Apple/LSI FC HBA Ben Cheng Media V Thu Mar 12 23:00:18 2009


I like to find out if anyone encounter these logs in the System Log before?
I'm not sure if it's a hardware error.

Feb 2 14:38:20 encode1 kernel[0]: FusionMPT: Notification = 1 (Log Data) for SCSI Domain = 0 Feb 2 14:38:20 encode1 kernel[0]: FusionMPT: No log data type available, data = 0x01010700 Feb 2 14:38:30 encode1 kernel[0]: SCSIPressurePathManager: new active path available, checking, loops = 0

The client is a Mac Pro with Apple/LSI FC HBA, Mac OS X 10.5.2, Xsan 1.4.2.

During playback of QuickTime movies, there will be freeze frame/drop frame.

The Apple/LSI FC HBA is replaced with a new one and the errors are still showing up.

Now, the Mac is using a ATTO FC HBA and it's running fine with no error and drop frame.

Ben Cheng · Application Engineer · The Media Village Pte Ltd

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