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[xsl] RE: Are there things missing in XSLT which force people to use, say, Java to process XML? Costello, Roger L. Fri Oct 29 15:00:14 2010

Hi Folks,

I recently saw the following assertions. Can you help me refute them please:  

(1) XSLT is a complete programming language, but doesn't support 
    most things most developers need to do.  (Graphics, networking, 
    relational database access, parsing HTTP headers, generating RSS 
    feeds, peer-to-peer networking, memory management & caching, thread 
    management, MIDI programming, the list goes on and on and on).  

(2) Java (and others) were also designed to be enterprise-class programming 
    languages.  This means the assumption that many programmers will 
    around a large project.  Encapsulation and complexity hiding are very 
    A strongly typed, compiled language (not interpreted) is also important.  
    In short, XSLT wasn't designed for "programming in the large".


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