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[xsl] How white space affects text-indents Karl Stubsjoen Fri Apr 06 14:01:18 2012

I'm trying to understand and solve an issue I am having with
text-indent and start-indent properties in FO.  This is a solution for
a rounded bullet using fo:inline elements.  I'm assuming that if I
start-indent 1em, and text-indent -1em that I will end up with a
perfect hanging indent as long as I add the correct amount of space
for my known and fixed size bullet character.

So I have 2 blocks where the first block content is collapsed and the
2nd is indented (the source that is).  They produce 2 different
results where the 2nd block result is desirable.  So which is the most
correct and can't I achieve the same result by setting
white-space-treatment (and similar) properties to my fo:inlines and
containing fo:blocks?

Here's my sample fo:  http://pastie.org/pastes/3741315

Oh, the red dashed line is the represents the desired indent.

Karl Stubsjoen
(602) 845-0006

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