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Re: [xsl] How white space affects text-indents Wendell Piez Fri Apr 06 15:00:20 2012


Is there a reason why you aren't using fo:list and its descendants, fo:list-item and the rest? They are designed specifically to address these requirements.

About why you are seeing what you are seeing, I will guess that while your second case happens to be "correct", this is more or less an accident. You have an em of space more in the first line, and with the space between the fo:inline elements, you happen to have an em's width of content before the second one starts. (With your bullet sized thus-and-so, etc.) Remember that inside fo:block, white space is munged but not thrown away (other things being equal).

List structures are designed to be much more robust, and they are.


On 4/6/2012 5:07 PM, Karl Stubsjoen wrote:
I'm trying to understand and solve an issue I am having with
text-indent and start-indent properties in FO.  This is a solution for
a rounded bullet using fo:inline elements.  I'm assuming that if I
start-indent 1em, and text-indent -1em that I will end up with a
perfect hanging indent as long as I add the correct amount of space
for my known and fixed size bullet character.

So I have 2 blocks where the first block content is collapsed and the
2nd is indented (the source that is).  They produce 2 different
results where the 2nd block result is desirable.  So which is the most
correct and can't I achieve the same result by setting
white-space-treatment (and similar) properties to my fo:inlines and
containing fo:blocks?

Here's my sample fo:  http://pastie.org/pastes/3741315

Oh, the red dashed line is the represents the desired indent.

Karl Stubsjoen

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