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[YouTube-API] Re: 3D Video Upload Jeffrey Posnick Fri Feb 17 14:00:59 2012


 Hmmm... I haven't tried it myself, but there is a <yt:threed> tag in
a video entry's body now:


 It might be that you can set that at upload time as a hint that the
video is in 3D, or it might be that it's read-only and gets set after
we process a video and determine that it's in 3D. I'd recommend trying
to set it at upload time and if that doesn't work, I'll dig a bit

-Jeff Posnick, YouTube API Team
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On Feb 17, 1:45 am, YuryG <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi All,
> How can I upload 3D (stereo) movie via API and automatically mark it as 3D?
> Some time ago it was 'yt3d:enable=true' tag, but now it doesn't work.
> Thanks in advance.

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