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Re: [imp] How to get unrecognized file type to Lucien GENTIS Tue Jun 23 06:00:29 2009

Lucien GENTIS a écrit :
Zitat von Michael M Slusarz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:



we have the problem that attachments sent with Horde/IMP arrive as Content-Type text/plain at receiver side and are therefore useless/corrupted (7-Zip Files for example). If have digged around a little bit but get lost in the MIME-Type mess. We have tried to change the "DefaultType" directive in Apache to "application/octet-stream" but the problem still persists.

As far as i understand Horde/IMP uses the Content-Type sent by the User Browser or try to detect it by mime_magic/fileinfo if not set?

That is incorrect. IMP uses the Content-Type provided by the browser first. If that content-type is application/octet-stream, only then will mime magic be used to determine the actual MIME type.

How can i check what is sent by the browser (tcpdump search?)

How can i check what would be detected by Horde/IMP "by hand"

Can anyone confirm this behavior or is this some error in my setup

Tests done :
Send e-Mail with attachment consist of random data (dd if=/dev/urandom of=some.file count=100) with either IE8 or Firefox 3.0.11. Check with mailclient to seen the Content-Type as text/plain. Checked with md5sum that the resulting files are different.

Either your browser is sending the wrong content-type or your fileinfo db is reporting the wrong info. Neither is an IMP issue however since both are out of our control.

It happens with IE8/IE6 and Firefox 3.0.11 on a stock XP SP3 so i guess the browsers send application/octet-stream as they should. This lead to the fileinfo db which i'm unsure where to find. Both systems tested with the wrong behavior are Ubuntu (6.06 and 8.04) stock install. As far as i can tell they use mime_magic build into PHP and not PECL. One is PHP 5.1.x and the other 5.2.x. From what i can see ( the PECL fileinfo has moved to standard PHP source again so mime_magic extension is replaced with PECL fileinfo which is replaced by PHP extension fileinfo?? Is there any short PHP code to test what IMP will detect for a given file?? if using "file -i" the result is "application/octet-stream" as it should.

Many Thanks



I had the same problem ; so, I looked at
and found that |mime_magic.magicfile had to be defined in php.ini.

So I added this definition with the same magic file path as in
horde/config/conf.php (for me /usr/share/file/magic), and yet, MIME
types are correctly recognized (at least msword and msexcel)


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