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Re: Sefirat HaOmer Barry Schwartz Tue May 05 04:00:37 2009

You are looking at Maariv for the next day.  Maariv shows tonight's  
omer.  Version 3.5 will have the day's omer in Shacharis.

On May 5, 2009, at 5:40 AM, Edward Black wrote:

> I am using Nusach Ashkena davening and am consistently getting the
> wrong day in Sefirat HaOmer in iSiddur. If I switch to the free
> Sefirat HaOmer application it shows correctly but the print isn;t so
> easy to read. Since I get the correct day in the free application I
> don't think tha there's anything wrong with my iPhone settings
> The version of iSiddur I have is Version 3.4. AppStore tells me that
> all my Apps are up to date
> This is the only flaw on anotherwise FANTASTIC app for which many many
> thanks
> All the best
> Edward
> >

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