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Re: Lost onnections, ping timeouts, and "time's up" Dave Thu Jun 11 08:00:55 2009

If there is a synchronization issue, I don't think it's just the
clock.  I'm getting _much_ less than the allotted time to plan my move
after the opponent's move appears on my screen.  Maybe the opponent's
move is not showing up until 60-90 sec. after the move is made.  But
if that were the case I might have expected that when my opponent's
move did finally show up on my screen the time remaining that showed
up would reflect what's shown on the server.

But each time this has happened, the clock started and appeared to
count down normally.  But time "runs out" early as shown in the screen
shots.  Each time this happened I was keeping track of time and
definitely did not have the full time allotted to plan my move.

This happened again yesterday after I wrote (see iReversi.3.jpg,  This time I had
a strong connection via WiFi.


On Jun 10, 6:45 pm, David Green <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I looked at the logs, and your last move took 23 seconds, and then you
> ran out of time... If your device said different, it could have been a
> display issue... The phone tries to synchronize its clock with the
> server to provide accurate times despite of latency etc, and might
> have failed at that... Has anyone else experienced this issue?
> David
> On Jun 10, 11:46 am, Robustus XXIII <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Hi David,
> > Still loving the game.  I have grown so accustomed to the online play
> > that I was surprised to find so few similar apps when I searched for
> > online checkers and backgammon. And those that were available had a
> > lot of very bad reviews.  Made me appreciate iReversi all the more.
> > The one frustrating thing for me is the many points I lose because of
> > technical problems. I experience a lot of lost connections and ping
> > timeouts.  This morning a new problem cropped up when I lost two games
> > via "time's up" even though I had plenty of time left on the play
> > clock (see screenshots:
> > Including the points I didn't get for the wins I think I would have
> > scored, these tech problems cost me better than 20 points--a _big_
> > drop that will take many games to recoup.
> > I assume that disconnections are counted as losses because (a) some
> > players would intentionally disconnect rather than take a loss and (b)
> > you can't tell these from connection losses due to tech problems.  I
> > understand the logic, but I wonder if there might be some alternative
> > solution that does not unfairly penalize players who _don't_ quit mid-
> > game but who do experience regular connection losses.
> > All in all, I really enjoy the tournament play and the ranking
> > system.  But I'm starting to lean toward turning off ratings just
> > because of the frustration associated with slowly building my score,
> > only to have it plummet as a result of technical difficulties.
> > Best,
> > Robustus XXIII
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