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Re: [jboss-dev] Scanning jars for package capabilities Scott Stark Fri Jun 19 10:00:42 2009

I don't view the ZipFile api as flexible enough as it requires a java.io.File and nested jars. In addition all jdk implementations have a native component that has tended to introduce locking and memory faults. That is why I believe we need a pure java jar/zip file implementation that addresses these limitations.

David M. Lloyd wrote:
But folks, consider this. By doing this scanning by default, this means there's yet another hoop the user must jump through in order to use the most performant configuration (in this case, bypassing the scanning).

All that said though, I think this whole issue would become moot if we eliminate using the JAR streaming API from VFS. If we instead used the ZipFile API exclusively, "traversing the JAR" would amount to scanning the keys of a HashMap, never mind all the other possible issues with streaming zipfiles that I've raised elsewhere.


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