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Re: [jboss-dev] Scanning jars for package capabilities Ales Justin Tue Jun 23 04:00:18 2009

Ales, what is your timeline for splitting up the VFS project? I want to do this work ASAP, so if you're going to do this work, would you be able to either (a) do it now (in the next week or so) or (b) wait until I'm done? Either way I'll be doing this work in a branch, so it won't interfere with any (non-restructuring) work you do (and also, I fail there's no mess to clean up :-).

I'll wait till you're done.

As we've already discussed, you can also remove the old vfsjar impl,
plus remove the current vfszip, replacing it with your jzipfile based impl.
Then simply map vfsjar and vfszip to your new impl.

Once we see how it behaves, we can eventually change the trunk.
And I'll do proper split then.
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