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[jbosscache-dev] Ease of extension of Cache and Node Brian Stansberry Wed Apr 08 05:01:33 2009

I've got a couple places where I've actually implemented the Cache interface in order add a bit of specialized behavior (one is in a test, one is to disable calls to stop/destroy by anyone but the AS CacheManager that created the cache). Simple stuff, just pass the real cache to the constructor and delegate to it.

Problem is the Cache API changes via addition of new methods, which breaks these things. Can the next release of JBC (not asking for it in 3.1.0) include a class that does this?

I include Node in $subject since the same conceptual issue applies there as well.

Same request would apply to horizon as well.

Brian Stansberry
Lead, AS Clustering
JBoss, a division of Red Hat
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