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[jbossws-dev] Re: Improving JBossWS-CXF Client Side Integration Richard Opalka Wed Jun 03 00:00:22 2009

Hi Daniel,

  Yes, I know about solution 1) you suggested. However I don't like it.
It's hacky and could cause a lot of troubles to our customers.
Thus I'd like to go the way to modify CXF code base.

  Before I'll write my suggestion let me clarify that we don't need to
wrap your ServiceDelegate. We just need to register properties
on the proxy and that can be achieved using listener approach.
So here are my thoughts how it could be achieved in another way (no delegation):

// CXF provides listener interface
package org.apache.cxf.jaxws;

public interface ServiceListener
  void onPortCreated(T proxy, Class<T> sei);
// JBossWS provides listener implementation
package org.jboss.wsf.stack.cxf.client;

public class ServiceListenerImpl implements ServiceListener
  public void onPortCreated(T proxy, Class<T> sei)
     // ... our integration code
// JBossWS somehow registers the listener
// finally replace the following code in org.apache.cxf.jaxws.ServiceImpl.createPort(...) protected <T> T createPort(QName portName, EndpointReferenceType epr, Class<T> serviceEndpointInterface, WebServiceFeature... features)
  // ...
  return serviceEndpointInterface.cast(obj);
// with the following code:
protected <T> T createPort(QName portName, EndpointReferenceType epr, Class<T> serviceEndpointInterface, WebServiceFeature... features)
  // ...
  T proxy = serviceEndpointInterface.cast(obj);
  for (ServiceListener listener : listeners)
     listener.onPortCreated(proxy, serviceEndpointInterface);
  return proxy;

If you like this approach then let's disscuss how ad3) could be achieved, i.e. how to register the listener on the service.



Daniel Kulp wrote:
Well, couple things spring to mind:

Option 1: requires no changes to CXF, but requires some classloader magic on your side Write your own javax.xml.ws.spi.Provider that probably subclasses ours and overrides the method:
public ServiceDelegate createServiceDelegate(URL url, QName qname, Class cls) {
        Bus bus = BusFactory.getThreadDefaultBus();
        return new ServiceImpl(bus, url, qname, cls);

In your case, return a subclass of our ServiceImpl the does your additional stuff. That way, any cast we may do to ServiceImpl would still work (not sure if we do it anywhere, but just in case). That way, you won't really have an extra delegation layer. Just overrides. The TRICK is getting your provider to be used instead of ours. Thus, you may need to make sure your META-INF/services/javax.xml.ws.spi.Provider file is picked up before our (or use the system property to force yours).

Option 2: make changes to CXF. Couple of ideas here. One could be in our createServiceDelegate method above, we do something like:

Provider p = bus.getExtension(Provider.class);
if (p != null) {
    return p.createServiceDelegate(....);
} return new ServiceImpl(....);

or similar. Thus, if a custom Provider is found on the Bus, we'll delegate to it. Heck, we could also put a static "Provider delegate;" field on our ProviderImpl that you could set to your provider prior to any calls. Or, we could look for a property someplace for the name of the "ServiceImpl" class to instantiate. If set, use reflection to create the ServiceImpl thing if set.

Anyway, those are my immediate thoughts.

On Mon May 25 2009 9:21:35 am Richard Opalka wrote:
Hi CXF Team,

   We've spent some time with CXF source code analysis but without success.
Related issue is: https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBWS-2521
We would like to remove one very ugly JBossWS CXF JAX-WS client proxy
integration hack related to service references (method


   We're registering our custom ServiceDelegate handler (via reflection)
in original proxy
and we delegate each call to CXF original service delegate there, with
one exception.
We're propagating service ref properties for every port creation before
from our custom service delegate (method propagateProps(T proxy,
Class<T> serviceEndpointInterface)),


   Could you guys, with excellent CXF architecture knowledge, give us
some hints how
to improve our JBossWS CXF JAX-WS client integration and remove
aforementioned ugly hack?

JBossWS Team

PS: We're looking forward for your suggestions ;)

Richard Opalka
JBoss Software Engineer

Mobile: +420 731 186 942

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