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Re: AJAX and portlet Rob Bradley Thu Jun 18 08:00:45 2009

Roberto Rossi-3 wrote:
>         BTW .. If it is uneasy to use ajax and servlets with portlets in
>         jetspeed2, can you point me the way how to periodically refresh
>         portlet content to catch changes in database for an instance
> You can use:
> - AJAX
> - http page refresh meta tag (but this cause a whole page refresh)
> - a flash component that fetches periodically xml data from another
> source
I'm currently looking into virtually the same as this but with no luck. What
I want to do is refresh an individual Jetspeed page fragment (portlet) on an
interval. I was able to do this in Liferay by some fairly simple jQuery but
I don't see to be able to achieve the same results in Jetspeed.

I have searched and found a number of posts on these forums about Individual
Portlet Refresh but most of them are over 3 years old and didn't really get
any useful answers at the time (or at least nothing I could understand).

This is causing me quite a headache in our Liferay to Jetspeed portlet

If it helps, the code I used in Liferay was:

var url = "/c/portal/render_portlet?p_l_id=" + themeDisplay.getPlid() +

Basically it had a render_portlet URL which could force an individual
portlet to re-render it's information on a screen without doing a full F5
style page refresh. Does Jetspeed have anything similar?

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