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Re: [JSch-users] JSch configuration Macias, Horaci (Horaci) Fri May 22 08:01:46 2009

Hi Steve,
I'm by no means a JSch expert but I had a similar request and I just
solved it by using
session.setConfig("StrictHostKeyChecking", "no");

before your session.connect().

This seems to work for me.

hope this helps,



Sent: viernes, 22 de mayo de 2009 16:35
Subject: [JSch-users] JSch configuration

Looking at the source code, it appears that the JSch configuration is a
simple Hashtable with a large number of keys defined.  I don't find any
documentation listing what may be acceptable values for those keys.

In particular I am interesting in turning off the StrictHostKeyChecking,
which is by default given a value of "ask".  My application wants to
simply accept the key of the (only) sftp host it will be connecting to
without any user interaction needed.

How may this be implemented most easily? 

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