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Re: [leaf-user] More nits re 3.1.1b2 KP Kirchdoerfer Thu May 07 14:00:54 2009

Am Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2009 14:27:40 schrieb Erich Titl:
> Hi Folks
> As 3.1.1b2 still uses haserl 0.8.0 the pppoe.cgi uses
> #!/usr/bin/haserl -u
> as the interpreter. In this case the -u is not needed because there is
> no file upload, but it clashes with the -u parameter in the 0.9.xx
> version of haserl. I suggest to  remove the -u parameter for future
> portability issues.


you're request was too late for beta 3, sorry.
I've build the images a week ago, we've released today.

I'll have look into it for the upcoming version.
I vaguely remember that haserl 0.9x is a lot bigger than 0.8.0, so 
Bering-uClibc won't fit on a floppy image any longer ...
Removing "-u" maybe a short-term solution. 


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