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Re: [leaf-user] how to reprogram diskonchip modules Ralph Green Mon May 18 07:00:55 2009

On Sun, 2009-05-17 at 23:23 +0200, Erich Titl wrote:
> Seeing that the Neoware box allows to load a LInux System you should be
> able to use this one to flash LEAF to your box, if PXE, like KP
> suggested, does not work. Your experiment with the 2.5 inch drive
> suggests that the pin layout is standard. So all you need is to get one
> ot these 2.5 to 3.5 adapters, stick pins into all the holes and use it
> as an adapter for your device. This is a real horrible hardware hack but
> if everything else fails it might do the job for you. HP is not very
> informative on parts and manuals for this product.
  That won't work, because the pins won't be in the right place, for the
same reason as what I described to Matt Westveld.  There is a hacky way
to get there, but it is more complicated.  I could take a laptop IDE
cable, and find 2 crimp on male headers for that same pitch ribbon
cable.  Crimp them on one above the other, very close.  If you put them
at the right spacing, you can use the middle two rows(one from each
connector) to plug the diskonmodule into.  I have not found the crimp on
headers yet, and I may try this method.  But, I know that people
programmed these devices for use somehow.  I expected there is some name
for the cable I am looking for and hoped someone here would know it.
  And, I can't reflash these with the Neoware or HP boxes at all.  If I
have the diskonmodule plugged in, I can't boot Linux.  It will, at
present only boot to the terminal server software built in.  If I remove
the diskonmodule device, the bios lets me boot to a laptop drive I have
plugged into the slot vacated by the diskonmodule.  So, I'll program the
diskonmodule on another system.
Thank you, though

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