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Re: udev 1.42 : vol_id missing Tobias Gasser Fri Jun 19 10:00:37 2009

meanwhile i found a thread on this list started by nathan coulson about
the same issue, thus sorry for the noise...


the blkid is NOT from util-linux-ng as i guessed but from e2fsprogs!

i tried with the newest versions of e2fsprogs (1.41.6), util-linux-ng
(2.15.1) and udev (142).

i tried e2fsprogs to configure with --disable-libblkid, but as there is
no libblkid available, it fails.

thus i tried to install util-linux-ng with libblkid and blkid, but i
found no posibility to get libblkid from util-linux-ng. i found no
option in the configure script. starting make from within libs/blkid
fails with "LIBBLKID_VERSION undeclared here" and "LIBBLKID_DATE
undeclared here".

removing the e2fsprogs libblkid.so and it's links doesn't force to build
the libs, but complains about missing libblkid when linking mount.

actually only e2fsprogs can build a libblkid, and there is no obvious
way to prevent its build as --disable-libblkid requires an existing
libblkdid which can't be build from util-linux-ng.

so i probably have to live without the /dev/disk/by-* links until the
mess between the three packages is cleand up.

maybe for the time beeing, the following changes should be applied to
the book:

udev chapter 6.56
- remove vol_id and libvolume_id from section 6.26.2
- add a comment about missing /dev/disk/by*

util-linux-ng 6.57
- 2.15.1 works fine here with the instructions given for 2.14.2


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