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Re: module-init-tools --enable-zlib-dynamic DJ Lucas Mon Jun 22 17:00:37 2009

Tobias Gasser wrote:
> Gilles Espinasse schrieb:
>>> i don't link anything static. i move all .a files out of the library
>>> path if there is a corresponding .so available.
>>> excptions are the modutils package (which require libc and libz to be
>>> linked static), and sysvinit (libcrypt) where i copy the static
>>> libraries back during the build.
>> that's no more true concerning libz.
>> On module-init-tools-3.8, there is a new --enable-zlib-dynamic parameter.
>> insmod,rmmod,modprobe are much smaller without static libz.
> should we add this option to chapter 6.48.1?
> probably with some comment about /usr/lib must be on the root partition
> to be able to access the tools during bootup.
And I thought that I had been complaining on this long enough so that we 
would never violate the FHS again.  ;-)  Even as rare as a remote /usr 
mount is now days, libz really must be moved to /lib if anything in /bin 
or /sbin links against it if we are to follow the FHS.

-- DJ Lucas

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