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Re: GUB: reducing errors/warnings Jan Nieuwenhuizen Thu Jun 25 00:00:29 2009

Op donderdag 25-06-2009 om 00:33 uur [tijdzone -0300], schreef Han-Wen

> Unfortunately, a lot of packages are not meant to be cross-compiled,
> so a lot of things that GUB does are hackish.  I'd not worry too much
> about the messages; as long as things work, there are things much more
> important than polishing gub

Note that GUB is our third cross build system.  Cross  building a whole 
dependency chain of packages can be quite a challenge.

Combine that with laziness and ignorance and you have the reason why 
our previous incarnations of cross build systems mostly worked with an
old style [shellish/perlish] concept: ignore any errors unless
explicitly checked and let's hope for the best--just as long as the
**** thing builds!

GUB is, amongst other things, an attempt at a dependable build system,
most any error will break the build---I'm sure you've noticed ;-)

Having said that, looking at eliminating warnings is always a good
thing if it's not conflicting with other priorities..


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