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Re: Header title problem or convert-ly problem Trevor Daniels Fri Jun 26 03:00:47 2009

Hi Mats

I've already made some changes - see git.

More comments below.


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Subject: Re: Header title problem or convert-ly problem

Trevor Daniels wrote:

maybe it should be added in the docs:

I'll do that.  I'll also fix the documentation
to avoid misleading people in the Jay was misled.
My proposal is to change in
so that the first examples show a concrete example like

convert-ly --from=2.10.5 --no-version *.itely

since it's far from obvious exactly what syntax to use for a flag like --from, unless you are used to working with GNU programs from the command line. (For example, it's not very intuitive that you cannot include a space like
convert-ly --from= 2.10.5
whereas it works perfectly well to use the syntax
convert-ly -f 2.10.5
as well as
convert-ly -f2.10.5

I added examples of --from and --to to the option list.

In this first example, I also do not see any reason to use the --to flag.

There is an earlier example - in 3.4 - which I've
extended to show how to specify an output file.  This
was partly Jay's problem.

I've also moved this example, which really relates to
just textinfo files, and the following ones, to later,
after listing the options.

On the other hand, the second example could include both the --from and --to flags and again I propose to
include some concrete examples of version numbers.

Yup - I did this.

However, these --from and --to flags should perhaps not be advertised too much, since they should almost never be needed by a normal user who has ordinary .ly files with a \version statement in them. You may want to move them to the end of the list of examples.

Agreed.  I already did this.

I also spotted an incomplete sentence the last line above 3.4.1 and I don't really understand what it should say.

Me neither.  I deleted it.

If you use the -e flag, the old version of the file will be saved with suffix .ly~, which should be explained either directly in 3.4 or in the documentation of the -e flag.

Aah - that I missed.  I'll revisit it.

is the .NEW suffix something that the MacOS menu command does, or is it just a misunderstanding that has made it into the documentation?

I think the latter, but I'm not sure.  Maybe someone else
can comment.


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