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Re: [linux-pm] ACPI problems Pavel Machek Tue Jan 27 15:01:18 2009

On Wed 2009-01-21 15:22:20, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>    Hi

>                This is my first post to the list. Hope I will find a
>    solution.

Please avoid using html on the lists.

>                I am trying to develop a new functionality using a Sun
>    alonso Quad Core blade (x86_64) architecture.
>                 The linux distribution which I am using contains a very
>    old acpi driver (02/09/2005 probably acpi version 1 compliant)
>                Further, the BIOS I am using is an AMI BIOS.  I am fairly
>    certain that it is acpi version 3 compliant.

Famous last words.

>                 Now, I am facing two problems here.
>                1)  I am trying to evaluate some namespace control methods
>    which are setup in sytem DSDT.
>                     Functions are :
>                      [1]\\_SB.PERB (should contain memory location
>    address) and
>                      [2]\\_SB.PERL   (should contain length)
>                     This some information passed to us from BIOS which is
>    required for my development.
>                     I am using acpi_evaluate_object to evaluate these
>    functions. I dont see any error in executing the evaluate
>                    function call. But they evaluate to zero.

Hmm, this is hard to debug without seeing the source.

>                 2)   The second task I have is to put the system into S3
>    (suspend to ram) state.
>                       While doing that I am experiencing a problem. Every
>    time I write
>                        echo mem > /sys/power/state
>                       System hangs at METHOD_NAME__PTS method. There is a
>    related bug in
>                      new acpi driver related to this function. But since I
>    am using a very old driver this should not have
>                      happened.

Which kernel version?

>                      Just for added information : I dont really care about
>    resume from the S3 state. I dont have video card.

You want to suspend but don't care about resume...?!

(cesky, pictures)
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