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Re: How to set SyslogHost for log4php Knut Urdalen Mon Jul 16 12:01:55 2007

chirag agarwal wrote:
There is a parameter "SyslogHost" given in LoggerPropertyConfigurator.php file to set the remote syslog server host name.I tried configuring that but getting the error message "LoggerOptionConverter::setProperty() No such setter method for [SyslogHost] property in loggerappendersyslog. in" .
The example in the documentation is wrong here. There is no property SyslogHost on LoggerAppenderSyslog (I don't know where this example come from). The "SyslogHost" property is only referred to as an example in LoggerPropertyConfigurator. I've corrected this example in my working copy so it will be fixed in my next check in.

I think the solution is to configure syslog.conf to log to the remote syslog server instead.


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