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Re: [Logwatch-Devel] running too much instances of perl in parallel Mike Tremaine Thu Jun 11 08:00:36 2009

Ivana Varekova wrote:
Mike Tremaine wrote:
Ivana Varekova wrote:
I just get a bug-report - which complains about the multiple instances of perl running at one time:

"I noticed on F10 x86_64 machine that logwatch runs 10 perl instances and moves my AMD CPU temp to 90 C.
Thanks, that will reduce the perl instances, if you prefer it I can do the patch.
But what about use of procedures instead of scripts?

Well it's certainly possible but it would be some major patching compared to the 3 line fix. The bigger problem goes to the heart of the original development of logwatch. Since logwatch is not thread aware and has lots of inefficiencies we've always used the "Unix" idea of lots of small tools and process forks to get the job done. Without a major rewrite I'm not sure we'd get an improvement with a procedural approach. But keep in mind that I have the disadvantage of too much time doing the same thing so if you see [or anyone else sees] and a new direction feel free to code it out and explain why it is better and so long as it doesn't break everything I'm sure it would get included.


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